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Fight climate change with
high-performance windows

Get high-performance window rebates

Shopping for new windows just got a whole lot easier with the help of GreenON Rebates. Windows eligible for GreenON Rebates are designed and tested to meet strict energy efficiency standards.

GET $500/ window* UP TO $5000

To qualify for rebates, windows must:

  • Be installed by a participating contractor
  • Be certified for NRCan Climate Zone 3
  • Be designated as ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Windows
  • Have a U-factor at or below 1.4 W/m2•K or 0.25 Btu/h•ft.²•°F

*Qualifying rough opening in a wall or roof. For example, a bay window with three window sections or units is eligible for one rebate

Don’t stop with windows!

Get rebates on more energy-efficient upgrades:

Insulation Rebate
Up to $7,200

Air Sealing Rebate
$100/home Only if you install insulation

Smart Thermostat Rebate
Get $100 back

Heat Pump Rebates
Air-source up to $5,800
Ground-source up to $20,000

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It’s time to go
window shopping

Did you know that your home could be losing up to a quarter of its total heat through windows? That’s energy and money you could be saving.

Windows eligible for GreenON Rebates are designed to reduce energy loss, condensation and outdoor noise. While replacing your windows may be a bigger investment, it’s one that can help make your home more comfortable year-round, save on heating and cooling, increase your home’s resale value and help fight climate change.

Signs it may be time to
replace your windows

  • Higher heating and cooling costs
  • Drafts around windows
  • Condensation or frost on windows
  • Damaged, loose or warped glazing


  1. Work with a GreenON Rebates participating contractor to choose ENERGY STAR® Most Efficient Windows that meet GreenON Rebates U-Factor requirements
  2. Choose framing materials and styles to suit your needs
  3. Ask about warranties and post- installation service
  4. Contact GreenON Support to get independent expert advice

Act Now?

Even small actions can add up in the fight against climate change. The more we do now, the more we can prevent: